• Technical Detail

    Size               L126 x W53 x H123 cm

    Wheels          4 Swivel & 2 with break

    Castor           Ø15 cm

    Color             Brown

    Bumper         4 Revolving corner

    Shelves         3 Fixed

    Bag               Linen bag available in grey, brown or black

  • Description

     Immediate use, delivered ready-assembled
    Fire Proof Panel With Stainless Steel Frame
    3 levels for ranging clean linen 
    1 Closed Lockable Compartment for Amenities  including linear dividers on the top
    An ergonomic horizontal steering handle for accurate and easy driving
    2 Linen bag holder and foldable base
    Grey wrap-around non-marking bumper for optimal protection of trolley and walls
    4 swivelling wheels Ø13 cm of which 2 with brakes
    Linen bag and/or garbage bag holder with foldable base equipped with swivelling corner pads for a better protection
    Linen bag available in grey, brown or black colour
    2 Doors with or without lock
    Available in wenge, black, light grey


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