• Technical Detail

    Size               L162 x W45 x H133 cm

    Wheels          2 Swivel & 2 fixed

    Castor           Ø20 cm

    Color             Cream Color

    Bumper         4 Revolving corner

    Shelves         3 Fixed

    Bag               2 Brown linen bags with pockets

  • Description

    Steel-tube design, finished with powder coating in Cream color
    Two bars for hanging laundry and rubbish bags 
    3 Fixed shelves
    2 Brown linen bags with Pockets
    1 top tray with different compartment for Amenities
    Full wrap-around rubber bumper
    4 revolving coner bumper 
    2 swivel castors, 2 fixed castors of Ø200 mm


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